Axistras MLP Collection!

I'm currently doing some changes on the website. The system I had in my G1 Collection section didn't work as great as I wanted it to so now I'm slowly redoing everything in that part. So for a while it will be messy, sorry for that. :/

I'm really in to ponies right now so I will probably update a little bit more than I did before. Gonna try and get some photos taken in the upcoming days if the sun feels like staying around. I hope it will, I have alot of things I want to show you guys! (:

Other than that my life is pretty good right now. The baby is growing fast, it's only 16 weeks to go, time flies! I'm still nasious from time to time and I need alot more sleep than usual but other than that I'm doing great. The baby is okey too.
I can't help but to hope there's a little baby girl in there waiting to come out. Since I already have a son it would be so wonderful to have a little girl to cuddle with! ^^
Finally! 11/16/2009
I know, I know! I'm terrible at updating this website. But now I finally have!
I changed "Pony of the week" to "Featured Pony" since I'm not updating as often as I should.

There is one new MIB Pony up. The others are from my G1 collection, feel free to take a peek! (:
I have recieved quite a few ponies lately but I'm still waiting for several more so I wont show them off just yet. But it's hard not to show you guys! ^^
Update 09/10/2009
I got mail today! But it's not worth showing you guys. I will probably just sell this one anyway. She was in worse shape than I thought. I'll guess I will have to keep looking. (:

I have made a small update in the G1 Collection part, now you can finally see a few of my sets. I will try and add more tomorrow if the weather is nice.

Be patient with me. ;P
No mail 09/09/2009
Checked the mailbox no less than 4 times today, lol. But no ponies for me. I hope atleast one of them turns up tomorrow. I so want to show them to you guys!

I will be stalking the mailbox tomorrow again. I might as well set up camp while I'm there. Probably will scare the crap out of the mailman though. Maybe I should bribe him with bisquits? ^_^

No update other than that yet, the weather wasn't nice at all today so I couldn't take any pictures. I hope there will be a little sunshine tomorrow instead!

Of to bed, good night all!
Up and running! 09/07/2009
 Finally my website is up and running! I thought it would take more time before I felt comfortable enough to show it to anyone. But I'm pretty happy with it right now. I still need a banner, just need to learn how to make one first. ^^
I also need to put up pictures with my loose G1 Collection, hopefully I can start with that later tonight. Need to make some changes first.

I'm waiting for no less than 4 packages right now! I can't wait until I recieve them. 2 of them are something to brag about, but especially one of them! *squeals*
You guys will have to wait and see what it is. ;P

Welcome to my website!