Axistras MLP Collection!



Here I keep pictures of customs I have bought. They are a small part of my collection but I love everyone of them! <3

Newborn Baby Glory is made by Nachtlicht (Nightlight) on the MLP Arena. I bought her from Ebay for $21 I believe it was. I would have paid more if I had to, she's such a cutie!

Newborn Baby Kawaii is an early b-day present to me from Maria. I saw this little sweetheart for sale on the arena and I wanted her so bad you can't imagine! But I couldn't afford her at the time and told Maria how sad I was that I will be missing her. And when Maria came here to visit me she gave me a package and told me that it's my b-day present even if it's a little early. I ripped the package open to find this lovely little girl lying inside. She had remembered me being sad about it and made sure to place a bid on her. I can't tell you how happy I am to own her, she's absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much Maria for giving her to me and thank you Tinka for making her! <3

Newborn Baby Twilight is made by Flurry (Centifolia) on Druvdalen. This was a Christmas present from my best friend Maria. Thank you sweetie! <3

Pink Frost was made by lovelauraland on the Arena. I commissioned this beauty and this is how she turned out. I think she's gorgeous and I'm absolutely in love with her! Thanks again Laura for making her for me!