Axistras MLP Collection!



I have made a change in the G1 MOC/MIB Gallery so I hope it's easier to spot all the lovelies in there now. ;) I've also added a few sets, updated a few pictures and just messed around really. It's not that many ponies missing from my collection now, so soon I'm up to date. It's both fun and sad, because I really enjoy updating with new ponies from time to time. Good think I keep buying them I guess, lol. On the other hand I finally will get started on descriptions for each set instead, it would be about time wouldn't it?
Enjoy! (:

Featured Pony - Mommy and Baby Cherries Jubilee

I've had Cherries Jubilee in my collection for several years now, but it wasn't until recently I finally found her baby. Baby Cherries Jubilee was only sold in Germany together with a few other baby ponies that haven't been released anywhere else. One day I hope I will have all of them but thinking about the years it took me to find baby CJ in this lovely condition I have a feeling it wont be an easy task. ;)