Axistras MLP Collection!


Loving Families

Bright Bouquet Family

This lovely set was released with 3 different families. There's Bright Bouquet, Apple Delight and Sweet Celibration. They where released in 2 different ways. You could either buy mommy, daddy and one of the babies MIB and the last one MOC or you could buy all of them MOC.

Mommy, daddy and baby boy Bright Bouquet is from my sisters childhood collection. She also had the girl but she have been lost just like my Apple Delight family. Both of us got the hole families at once and my mother recalls that we got them MOC instead of MIB. Baby girl Bright Bouquet was a gift from my best friend Maria.

It's so much fun to see the family all together again. One day I hope I will own this set MOC, so far I have the Baby boy. Please have a look at him in my MOC/MIB Gallery. :)

Still missing;
- Daddy Apple Delight
- Mommy Apple Delight
- Baby Girl Apple Delight
- Baby Boy Apple Delight
- Daddy Sweet Celebration
- Mommy Sweet Celebration
- Baby Girl Sweet Celebration
- Baby Boy Sweet Celebration

Family Friends

Info coming soon!