Axistras MLP Collection!


MOC/MIB/MIP G1 Collection

MOC/MIBs is my absolute favorite part of my collection. I just love seeing them in their original boxes, never touched by anyone and their beautiful curls still intact.

My first MIB was the Baby Buggy but as soon as I got her in the mail I opened her up. I have always wanted to own that playset so it felt natural for me to do so. Baby Cuddles and her adorable buggy is still in my collection, I can't ever imagine putting her up for sale.
Since I started to collecting again my first MOC was Alitas - Whirly. She's the one to the left. ;)

I recieved Princess BnG Glittering Gem as a 25th birthday present from my best friend Maria. <3
My mom have helped me pay for Baby Fleecy & Woolly, Sugar Sweet and Star Gleamer. This was also a part of my 25th b-day present from her!

MIB Ponies

MOC Ponies

MIP Ponies

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