Axistras MLP Collection!



Newborns is and always have been a big part in my collection. As a child one of my friends had Bedtime Newborn Stargaze (blue with pink hair) and my cousin owned Activity Club Baby Ribbons 'n Hearts (white with dark pink hair) and Baby Dangles. After a while my cousin gave me Baby RnH and she became one of my dearest ponies in my childhood collection.

When I started collecting I realized that there was a ton of newborns I had no idea ever existed and I started to collect them. Today I have quite a few newborns but there is still alot of them that I don't have. But in time I hope to collect them all. :)

Newborn Babies


Activity Club Babies

The Activity Club Babies was released as Mail Orders through the UK My Little Pony Club. There are 4 babies in total in this set, then one missing in my collection is Baby Fun 'n Games. She's white with red mane and tail and have red dices as symbols on her.

Baby Ribbons 'n Hearts was also released in Sweden, but if she was released through the Swedish MLP Club or sold in stores I'm not sure of. I hope to have cleared that up soon.

Still missing:
- Baby Fun 'n Games

Surprise Newborns

These lovely little newborns are really close to my heart. I just love their colors and especially Snoozys (green) and Bouncys (yellow). They where released in some parts of Europe and came on cards with colored nappies. When taken of the card they had a painted nappy over their symbols so you couldn't see what kind of symbol you would get when you washed it off. Once washed the nappy was gone and instead you had the cutest little symbols instead. Each of them came with two different symbols, hence their name Surprise Newborns. Snoozy came with a duck or rabbit, Bouncy with a giraf or a bear and Cuddles with a cat or elephant.

I'm still missing:
- Cuddles with elephant
- Snoozy with rabbit
- their nappies (yellow, pink and green)

Bedtime Newborns

The Bedtime Newborns where released in Europe and came with small newborn bottles. But instead of the regular white one's these where colored from tip to bottom in the same color.

From left to right:
Moondreamer - blue bottle
Sunset - yellow bottle
Stargaze - pink bottle

I have their bottles but forgot to include them in the pictures. I will take new one's when I have the time. So this set is complete for me! :)

Newborn Twins

The newborn twins was released in two different years and only a few of them was released here in Sweden. As a child I never saw them but once I started collecting I fell head over heals for them. They are just so darn cute!

I'm still missing quite a few newborn twins:
- Doodles & Noodles
- Milkweed & Tumbleweed

Lil' Cupcake

Lil' Cupcake was released as a Mail Order set together with her big sister Lil' Sweetcake. They both are unicorns but Sweetcake is a Peek-a-boo baby instead of a newborn.

I bought Cupcake from a member on the Arena. I had been loning for her for several years when the seller contacted me so when the offer was there I couldn't refuse. She is just so darn cute! <3

I'm still looking for her big sister, let me know if you have one for sale!

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight was a part of the Slumber Party Gift Pack that was released in Year 5. She also had a twin in that package, called Sleepy Head. Her twin is still missing but hopefully me and Sleep Tight can track her down one day. :)

I won ST in a small lot a couple of years back. Some of the ponies that came in that lot was SS Truly and Steamer that I still have in my collection. Unfortunetly her twin wasn't in this lot, she had been lost by the previous owner when she was growing up.