Up and running! - Axistras MLP Collection!

Axistras MLP Collection!

 Finally my website is up and running! I thought it would take more time before I felt comfortable enough to show it to anyone. But I'm pretty happy with it right now. I still need a banner, just need to learn how to make one first. ^^
I also need to put up pictures with my loose G1 Collection, hopefully I can start with that later tonight. Need to make some changes first.

I'm waiting for no less than 4 packages right now! I can't wait until I recieve them. 2 of them are something to brag about, but especially one of them! *squeals*
You guys will have to wait and see what it is. ;P

Welcome to my website!
9/7/2009 04:26:27

Jättefin sida Sofie, denna har du lyckats bra med :)
Och dina ponies är inte fy skam heller, finns en hel del jag gärna hade tagit med mig hem :P
Kul att få se din hemsida, den tänker jag besöka fler gånger :)

9/7/2009 04:50:58

Super sida Sofie! Me loooves it! Now keep posting piccies woman ;)



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