No mail - Axistras MLP Collection!

Axistras MLP Collection!

Checked the mailbox no less than 4 times today, lol. But no ponies for me. I hope atleast one of them turns up tomorrow. I so want to show them to you guys!

I will be stalking the mailbox tomorrow again. I might as well set up camp while I'm there. Probably will scare the crap out of the mailman though. Maybe I should bribe him with bisquits? ^_^

No update other than that yet, the weather wasn't nice at all today so I couldn't take any pictures. I hope there will be a little sunshine tomorrow instead!

Of to bed, good night all!
9/10/2009 05:16:29

I'm sorry your ponies haven't arrived yet! Bribing the mailman sounds like a great idea ;)


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