Some changes going on - Axistras MLP Collection!

Axistras MLP Collection!

I'm currently doing some changes on the website. The system I had in my G1 Collection section didn't work as great as I wanted it to so now I'm slowly redoing everything in that part. So for a while it will be messy, sorry for that. :/

I'm really in to ponies right now so I will probably update a little bit more than I did before. Gonna try and get some photos taken in the upcoming days if the sun feels like staying around. I hope it will, I have alot of things I want to show you guys! (:

Other than that my life is pretty good right now. The baby is growing fast, it's only 16 weeks to go, time flies! I'm still nasious from time to time and I need alot more sleep than usual but other than that I'm doing great. The baby is okey too.
I can't help but to hope there's a little baby girl in there waiting to come out. Since I already have a son it would be so wonderful to have a little girl to cuddle with! ^^
Maria (SoJ)
1/15/2010 07:16:04

Hi Sugar!
Promising start for the new system for the G1s, will probably look great when you get the time to finish up the rough edges ;) Sweetie, I'm still missing loads of ponies! Get to work! ^^ Ehrm... it's nice coming from someone who hasn't even begun... right?! =P

Ooooh I want you to have a little baby girl for me to spoil as well! Think of all the pretty pink, frilly little things I could give her! Oh and with cute ponies on them too! <3


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