Axistras MLP Collection!


Windy Wings

I've always loved the Windy Wings, even as a child. I had both Moonjumper and Flurry in my childhood collection and my sister had Whirly. When she stopped playing with her ponies I adopted all of hers. Whirly is now part of the collection but unfortunetly mine have been lost, so I had to replace them with new one's.

Summer Wings

Summer Wings are also close to my heart, just like the Windy Wing ponies. As a child I had Buzzer and loved to play with her because of her vibrant colors.

I'm still looking for Lady Flutter, I'm also looking for an upgrade for Little Flitter. Her hair is quite frizzy and I would love to get a hold of her with unfaded pink hair. If your selling any of these, please let me know!