Axistras MLP Collection!


About me

My name is Sofie and I'm a 26-year old girl from Sweden. I started collecting about 6 years ago but had to sell my collection because of financial problems. 1 year after that I was going to sell the remaining parts of my collection but instead I got hooked, again. I sold some of them but started buying others that I wanted more. So here we are, almost 5 years later and I'm still in love with ponies.

I mainly collect G1 ponies, but I do have a thing for some of the G3s as well. Some of them keep finding their way to me, I don't know how though. ^^ I always try to find ponies that are as close to mint as possible, I just love it when I get a pony complete with accessories, dazzling original curls and their vibrant colors. A big portion of my collection is also MOC/MIBs, I love looking at them. Only problem is that they take up Alot of space.

I live in Sweden with my fiancé and our two boys, Loke and Vidar. We live in a 4-room apartment and my ponies live in our bedroom. I still haven't gotten my collection in place after the move but I hope that will change soon. Now I have the shelves for it, I just need the time to get it done.